Monday, April 28, 2014


I did my sister's-in-laws makeup for prom and I decided to post a couple pictures!

Amelia wanted a very natural look. I think she looks like a movie star, and would rock a potato sack! She looked absolutely stunning if I do say so myself. On Amelia, I used a combination of Lorac Pro and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar to bring out those beautiful blue eyes. 
Product List: Novablush Powder Foundation, Novablush Concealer, Novablush Red Correcting Concealer(coming out soon!), Anastasia Contour Kit, Coastal Scents Blush Palette, Ardell Natural Lashes(trimmed), Too Faced BTS, Anastasia Dipbrow in Blonde, Eyeko Liquid Liner in Black, and NYX Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp!

Olivia wanted a very natural look with some shimmer, so I used the Naked 3 Palette on her to bring out her stunning eyes.
Product List: Novablush Foundation and Concealer, Maybelline Baby Face primer, Anastasia's lovely Contour Kit, Nars Eye Primer, Naked 3, Lorac Unzipped, and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara! I also did Olivia's hair! She wanted a very simple double braided crown with messy curls on the first layer of her hair with the bottom layer being her perfectly messy, wonderful wavy hair.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Novablush Cosmetics is up and running!

You can find my Etsy Shop right here!

I also have a special promo code for 20% off all orders $15 and over! The code is BLUSHERS and will be available until May 3rd! I'm still uploading pictures and such, but I've already sold out of a few colors! They should be back in production by late this week to early next week when I get another shipment of product in.

If you want to find out what shade you are, you can send me a picture of your face, wrist, or neck in clear lighting, and I can tell you! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Nyx Cosmetics just released their new Macaron Lippies!

About an hour ago, Nyx announced that their brand new pastel colored lipsticks were live on their website! At six dollars a pop, these brand new lipsticks promise to offer just as much color payoff as the rest of Nyx's lippie lines. I ordered five right off the bat in shades Pistachio, Blue Velvet, Violet, Chambord, and Lavender. They've already shipped, and are scheduled to be here by Saturday. Swatches will be posted then! Also: PROMO CODE ALERT! If you use the promo code WELCOME25, you'll receive 25% off your order! My order of $30 was just $22.50 with free shipping!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PSA: Anastasia's Contour Kit is back online for a limited time!!

Here it is! It is a LIMITED EDITION ITEM. I'm seeing people freaking out all over Reddit, Pinterest, and Facebook, so if you can, I would get your hands on this ASAP. I just ordered mine, and I can't wait!

It's already sold out everyone, I got my hands on one, and I hope you did too! I can't wait to share all of the amazing looks I create with it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The New Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

I was in Ulta earlier just milling about trying to find something fun and new to review when I came across this! The last one in the store, just waiting to be bought. I snatched it like a kitten and a mouse, and promptly went to the register.
$49 later, here I am! I can't wait to create some incredible looks using this palette! I will be posting one tomorrow that I created earlier today.
The lovely thing about the Electric Palette is that these are pigments, not shadows. You can actually use this on your lips, in your hair, on your brows-wherever! I'm excited to pair my OCC Clear Lip Tar with some of these crazy colors!

 As you can see, the colors are highly pigmented. There is still quite a bit of fallout, but that's what Urban Decay's shadows are known for at this point.

While the palette is fun and colorful, if you aren't an adventurous person, I wouldn't recommend buying it. I also noticed that while it looks nice to use a primer with it on your eyes, it makes them very difficult to blend, so if you don't have a lot of time for blending(or you get fed up with it), this is probably not the palette for you.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

An update on life

Hello, loves! I'm so sorry that I've been absent as of late. What with many dental problems(my wisdom teeth have decided that it's a lovely time to come through, so I will be going to get them removed in the coming weeks), a leaky roof due to crazy Texas weather, and my business booming, everything has gone haywire! But not to fear, I'm making it a priority to come back! 

So here's an update:
Hubs and I celebrated a year of marriage on April 6th, so we went and had anniversary photos done. Doesn't he look cute? :)

My birthday is on the 16th, so I treated myself to some Lip Tars. Here are the colors you can begin looking forward to seeing on my lips in the near future!!

My husband is getting me a kitten for my birthday! Commence joyful laughter!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Update on my home business!

Hey guys! So some pretty exciting things have been happening! For example, my I am now able to take customers all over the Texas area! You can now book HERE! I do hair and makeup for weddings, proms, special occasions, or just because!

Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions! I promise I will be posting more soon. I've been getting some extensive dental work done, so my face is pretty swollen and pained as of late.