About me

My name is Shea! I'm nineteen years old and have lived in the wonderful state of Texas for all of my life. I'm a teacher and a makeup artist on the side. I'm a newlywed as of April 6th, 2013, and was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams. We'll call him A. for now. A. is 21 years old and is an audio engineer and a musician. He loves his job. I love him. We have a pet rabbit named Kate, and live in a tiny 500 square foot home-for now. In February, we will move to a 1000 square foot home. There, A. promised to build me a big girl makeup station.

I've been playing around with make-up since about third grade with a brief break from 7-9th grade. That's when I met A. We've been together since my freshman year of high school.  Back then I rocked the curled/crimped hair and way too much eyeliner. Let's be glad those days are passed.  I had thick brows for a really long time, and up until about a year ago, never filled them, tweezed them, waxed them-ever. Everyone always told me that I should dye my eyebrows blonde to match my naturally blonde hair, but I like the uniqueness that is truly me. Something just a little off about brown eyebrows with blonde hair. 

Next year, I hope to start cosmetology school, and one day, I would like to go to special FX school to learn more about SFX makeup.

Now, we need to talk. I need to ask you to promise me something. If there's ever anything you want to see more of, less of, whatever-I want you to tell me. My goal here is to help educate you and to learn from all of you! There may be something I'm doing that could be done much better, or a certain shade of lipstick that would just rock my world. Or there may be something you've been struggling with. Something you've yet to try. I'm here to help. Feel free to ask me whatever!