Bridal Packages:

To contact me for more information, call 214-994-8784.

Deluxe Bridal Package:  $85
-Personalized makeup consultation and trial prior to the wedding
-On site makeup application and touch-ups throughout the bride’s big day(limit of 4 hours beginning st the time of application).

-Add hair and hair related consultation for  $60
-Add engagement photo makeup for $30 and hair for $15.

Mother Knows Best: $60
-Personalized makeup for the mother of the bride
-On site makeup application         
-Add hair and hair related consultation for $25-50. Call or email for a quote.

Beautiful Bridesmaids: $40 each *
*Receive a discounted rate after three bridesmaids.. Call or email for more details.

-Makeup of the Bride’s choice
-A consultation with the bride present
-Add hair and Hair related consultation for $25-$50 each depending on level of difficulty. Call or email for a quote.

Bridesmaids Package: $140 for Four
*An additional $20 will be charged for each added bridesmaid.

-Makeup of the Bride’s choice
-A consultation with the bride present.
-Add a hair package for $100-$175 depending on the level of difficulty.

Novablush: $300

This price reflects the following: 
-Bridal hair and makeup
-The mother of the bride’s makeup 
-Makeup for four bridesmaids

The Supernova: $500:

This price reflects the following: 
-The bride’s hair and makeup
-The mother of the bride’s hair and makeup*
 -Hair and makeup for four bridesmaids*


Gratuities are left to the discretion of the clients and are not reflected in our pricing. However, it is always greatly appreciated if the service is considered excellent.

Additional Details:

-Please allow at least 90 minutes for bridal hair and makeup and 30-60 minutes per person for all other hair and makeup.
-Automatic $15 product fee for the use of product.
-NovaBlush is to receive photograph credit in all social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr) photographs. Example: Makeup and Hair: NovaBlush Makeup.
-Half of the bill due upon booking with the other half due the day of the appointment before application begins. I accept checks and debit cards. Checks will not be accepted for
services above $300. Payment Plans are available with full amount to be paid by appointment date.
-Any additional applications of makeup or hair not mentioned prior to fourteen days(two weeks) before the event in question will result in an additional $15 fee due the day of before the application process begins.
-No travel fee for the first 30 minutes or 10 miles (whichever comes first). After that, it is $2 a mile or $20 every 15 miles. The price will be predetermined using an online mapping source.
-Regarding the Supernova package, ll hairstyles for bridal party and mothers must be preapproved. Subject to increase based upon difficulty.
*Bride pays for all products picked on the optional Sephora or Ulta trip. The bride is required to supply her own foundation and concealer for the wedding day and all other events.