Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Difference Mascara Makes!

Excusing the extremely derpy face I'm making above, I really wanted to point out the difference mascara makes! I was getting veggies earlier for my pet rabbit, and I ran into a friend who works at the local farmers market. We got on the topic of makeup, and she expressed to me how when she was scared to wear mascara for a long time because every time she did, people commented on how different it made her look. 
I think that people should use makeup to express themselves in a way that makes them feel beautiful, sexy, wild, and free. I don't think makeup has to look a certain way. You like to have bright blue lipstick on? Cool! I miss when I had purple hair! To be completely honest, I felt much more me with purple hair than with my natural blonde! I feel like everyone should have a right to express themselves as artistically as they want! So, as I step off of my soapbox, I wanted to show just how much mascara can enhance your stunning eyes and show how perfect you are inside and out!

Edit: I was using Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, of course :)