Saturday, February 1, 2014

Purple and Gold Eyeshadow-FOTD

So today was an incredibly long day. I'm sure you don't care to know all of the boring details, but I'll tell you anyway. My husband was called in last minute, and has been at work for 10 hours, and won't be home for another two and a half. This left me to do more packing(we move in 6 days) and errands that I won't have time to do before Monday. This left me in the very dangerous position of having to go to Target. By. My. Self. 
If you're as addicted to Target as I, you would know that that's a very dangerous position to be put in. So, per protocol, I had to check out the makeup to see if there was anything new. 
As I casually browse the aisle, I see nothing of interest and begin to slunk away, tail between my legs. Wait, what is that shiny thing? A wild NYX Antwerp appears! And it was the last one! What am I to do but put it in my cart to take it out of it's lonely misery and give it a loving home.

Please excuse the orangey lighting, the sun was out in full force, and my battlestation lights won't be up until we move. Until then, here we go! Using my brand new Amazonian Clay Foundation, Kat Von D Concealer, ELF Tone Correcting Powder, and Coastal Scents Bronzer for contour, we begin!

As you can see, the key to this look is just blend, blend, blend! Using Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer, I began with the shade "Martinique" from the new Sephora Palette "In The Tropics". Now as I mentioned in my January Haul post, I'm not normally a fan of Sephora shadows, but I suspect they used a new recipe on these, because they're ultra pigmented, soft, and very smooth. 
Moving on, I used "Bermuda" on the base of my eyes and blended "Grenada" in my outer crease. These shadows had a harder time blending than I originally suspected, but are easily worth the $26 for the palette.

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