Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My January Haul!

This week, through various online swaps, gifts, and a few Ulta/Sephora stops, I've put together some of my favorites.

All of the magical products in one! 

I got the Lorac Pro Palette through a swap on Reddit, and love it! As someone who owns all of the Naked palettes, and numerous nude eyeshadow pots(obsessed? Nah..), I knew I had to have the Lorac Pro Palette somehow. At $42 this is a bit pricey for the average person, and with my husband and I moving next week, I knew there was no way to buy it. I went on Reddit, and requested it, and a lovely person was willing to swap their unused palette!

I am feeling absolutely no regret about getting the Lorac Pro Palette. It is radically different from the Naked Palette Series, and I use it very differently. All of the colors on the top are matte, all of the colors on the bottom are shimmery. 

This is Sephora's Moonshadow Baked Palette "In The Tropics". At $26, after swatching at Sephora, I promptly put this in my Sephora Bag, and bought it. Normally I don't like Sephora brand shadows, but these are particularly pigmented, and well worth the buy. They do have a hard time blending with or without primer, but it isn't impossible. The woman at Sephora told me that this is a limited edition spring line palette, so if you're interested, you may want to jump on it while you can! 

I went to Ulta this month with the intention of buying a sponge cleaner for my Beauty Blender knock off, and walked out with the Anastasia's Dip Brow in Blonde instead. I had been wanting a way to make my brows appear lighter at whim without dyeing them, and this did the trick! I only wanted a little bit lighter of a shade, which is what it gave me. Having very thick brows, it was difficult(not impossible) to blend into the hair, but using it on clients with thinner brows is a breeze.

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation With SPF 15 and Japonesque's 150 Degree Foundation brush! I found the brush at Ulta on sale for $4.99(originally $34.99), and how can you turn down something so cheap? Answer: You can't. Coming from using sponges, it was difficult to start using a brush, but I liked it! I really like using it on clients instead of a sponge as it makes for a more even application. 
Today I went into Sephora to return a few products that I wasn't a fan of, and wound up with store credit! I've been wanting to try a new foundation, swatched this, and fell in love! At $38,  it's very soft on your skin, goes on evenly, and moved effortlessly. The packaging is stunning with a real bamboo lid. Unfortunately, the box I grabbed was mismarked, and I ended up with Fair Sand instead of Ivory. I will again be making a trip to Sephora tomorrow; fingers crossed that I don't walk out with anything but foundation!

Through swaps and Sephora hauls, I acquired four different Lip Tars from OCC. From left to right, I have Strumpet, Lydia, Femme, and Hush. For whatever reason, in the swap photo Strumpet and Lydia are mixed up, but everything else is in the correct place. 
I really adore lip tars. They take a bit of effort to apply, but they're highly pigmented wonderfulness that stays on all day long. At $18 a piece, you would think they're a bit pricey, but you need but only a drop to get the look you want! Be sure to use either an anti-feathering pencil, lip liner, or both when using a lip tar so as to prevent feathering(I forgot one day when I was running late for work...Looked in the mirror an hour after getting there and had massive feathering-not cute). 

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