Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rose Gold Smoked Cut Crease

So earlier today, I had to face my worse fears. Worse than my severe arachnophobia. Worse than my even more severe needle-phobia. I had to go to the dentist and have a root canal a crown. I went on Tuesday to have my teeth deep cleaned and cleaned with a laser, and I was so scared I accidentally bit the poor girl doing the cleaning. They decided I needed nitrous oxide to go through the procedure, and long story short, I was so scared that I fought the nitrous, AND they had to give me the max anesthetics for my size. I was still in some pretty excruciating pain, and my cheek was numb and super swollen for a few hours after.

The plus side about my body fighting the nitrous? It hit later when I got home. I decided(while I was high on nitrous) to go and play with my brand new Too Faced Chocolate Bar. It looks like high-Shea can create a really good smoked cut crease! SO here you are, lovely people of the internet!!

Next up is wisdom tooth removal(all four). Let's see what I can create then!!