Monday, June 23, 2014

My Favorite Concealers And Why...

I will admit to fully being a concealer junkie. I've tried just about every kind out there, and because of how picky I am, there are very few(in retrospect) that I like. We'll go over my favorites today!
We'll start with the first jar on the left. I am a sucker for cheap makeup, so Nyx is one of my very favorite brands! Nyx Dark Eye Concealer. This concealer is a yellow-tone so as to balance out the sleepy purple circles under your eyes. At $6, I truly don't see any reason that one shouldn't at least try it! P.S., when buying anything from Nyx's website for the first time(or using a new email) if you enter promo code WELCOME25, you get 25% off.

The jar to the right of that is a regular concealer jar. I've used this concealer as foundation before for when I'm going for a more natural look but still want some good coverage. at $5, again, why not try it?

The two jars on the right side are a green concealer(to help with acne and scarring) and a purple concealer(to give you a beautiful, radiant glow). I love to use the green concealer to cover up my acne. As a girl who's always struggled with bad acne during Aunt Flo's monthly visits, I could live off of this. The purple concealer on the other hand is beautiful! It's so soft and creamy. I place it right above my cheekbones where I would normally use a highlight. Again, both of these are $5.

Going to the bottom of the picture, you'll see Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer. Again, I've used this concealer as a foundation many times! I have one tube at my battlestation and one in my purse for emergency coverups. I've actually given a couple of tubes to friends before for tattoo coverups. You need less than a dime size amount to cover a tattoo the size of your fist. Compared to the Nyx Concealer, this is a bit pricier at $25 a tube, but you won't be disappointed with the incredible coverage this gives!

Last, but not least, my first big girl concealer. I went through what every girl goes through at some point in their lives-their mom buys them Covergirl and you're so excited to have your first "real" makeup. And then you enter the world of Sephora and Ulta, and your bank account becomes royally screwed. I have and always will recommend Urban Decay's 24 Hour Concealer. It's a nice median price at $18, and lasts longer than you should keep it. I have had the same stick for over a year, and it has yet to dry out! It lasts closer to 18 hours than 24(yay all nighters!), but I do have an oily face that soaks up stick-type foundations and concealers. 
The coverage with UD's concealer is incredible! I've scribbled on my face with it before and used a sponge to blend out, and it works like a charm. You can also pick a darker shade to use for contouring!

I hope you've found all of this helpful! Please don't forget to enter my latest contest before it's too late!!