Friday, June 6, 2014

CONTEST! Help me create a color for my new lippie line!

So basically the name of the game is to decide on one of the new colors to be featured in my lipstick line! You can post a link to a picture(google images or imgur work) to the comments below! If I pick your color, you will not only receive the honor of having your color featured in my line, you'll receive one of every shade I'm coming out with this summer FREE! That's TEN colors FREE!

-You need to be subscribed to me either on here or on Instagram(sheasweetmua)
-You need to be willing to send me your mailing address(US only, I'm so sorry! Maybe one day I'll do an international contest!)
-You receive additional votes for sharing on social media(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).
-You can vote using all methods once a day.
- Winner will be announced through a random drawing July 1st, 2014. I will announce who the winner is that day, so make sure and look for your name because I will need an email to contact you!

Contest ends on July 1st, so start putting your votes in early for the best chance!