Thursday, July 17, 2014

What's In My Purse?... And How Much Does It All Cost??

Every girl knows that your purse is a magical, mystical wonderland of stuff. The one day you forget something like that tub of body butter you've been holding onto for months and you desperately need it. So why not just keep everything in there always?
These are the basics that are constantly in my purse:

My purse! A cute little Betsy Johnson from Ross-$39.99
My wallet- From Charming Charlie's- $26
Sunglasses- From Target- $16.99
My ID, emergency cash, gift cards to that weird froyo place down the street- $79
Keys- Over $160 to replace
Business cards- $2.30 from Vistaprint
Coconut Water- $0.23 
Cherry fruit strip- $0.20
Bag containing my Young Living Oils- From Target- $6.99
All of my YL Oils-Over $400

Whatever random book I'm reading at the time- $10.99
My Benefit rewards purse-Free
Rimmel Nail Filer-$1.99
Rimmel Polish- $4.99
Lorac Pro To Go-$38
Elizabeth And James Perfume Roll On- 250 Sephora Points(free)
Ulta Powder- $12
Beauty Blender- $19.99
NYX concealer-$6
NYX Matte Lippie- $6.99
Eyeko Mascara- $9.99 

 That brings the grand total of things in my purse to a whopping $882.63! That's an incredible amount of investment put just in the things I carry around all day! There are some things not even pictured like my iPhone which is worth $600 alone or my digital camera which is worth $250! So what do you carry in your handbag every day?