Sunday, April 13, 2014

An update on life

Hello, loves! I'm so sorry that I've been absent as of late. What with many dental problems(my wisdom teeth have decided that it's a lovely time to come through, so I will be going to get them removed in the coming weeks), a leaky roof due to crazy Texas weather, and my business booming, everything has gone haywire! But not to fear, I'm making it a priority to come back! 

So here's an update:
Hubs and I celebrated a year of marriage on April 6th, so we went and had anniversary photos done. Doesn't he look cute? :)

My birthday is on the 16th, so I treated myself to some Lip Tars. Here are the colors you can begin looking forward to seeing on my lips in the near future!!

My husband is getting me a kitten for my birthday! Commence joyful laughter!!