Monday, April 14, 2014

The New Urban Decay Electric Palette Review

I was in Ulta earlier just milling about trying to find something fun and new to review when I came across this! The last one in the store, just waiting to be bought. I snatched it like a kitten and a mouse, and promptly went to the register.
$49 later, here I am! I can't wait to create some incredible looks using this palette! I will be posting one tomorrow that I created earlier today.
The lovely thing about the Electric Palette is that these are pigments, not shadows. You can actually use this on your lips, in your hair, on your brows-wherever! I'm excited to pair my OCC Clear Lip Tar with some of these crazy colors!

 As you can see, the colors are highly pigmented. There is still quite a bit of fallout, but that's what Urban Decay's shadows are known for at this point.

While the palette is fun and colorful, if you aren't an adventurous person, I wouldn't recommend buying it. I also noticed that while it looks nice to use a primer with it on your eyes, it makes them very difficult to blend, so if you don't have a lot of time for blending(or you get fed up with it), this is probably not the palette for you.