Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MAC's Hautecore Lipstick

So, I got the Mac Hautecore Lipstick through Reddit/r/makeupexchange after it had already sold out, and I'm glad that I did! Let's get on with the tutorial, and then I'll give you the run down.

Bonus picture of my adorable husband! Today, instead of my Too Faced Primer which has been lack luster as of late, I tried out the infamous Maybelline Baby Face. I have to say, for a price tag of $6 compared to $30, I think it wins over! Very soft, and it took a lot of my natural oiliness away(thank goodness!). I used E.L.F.'s tone correcting powder, and my brand new EcoTools face brush(that I love. Completely beats the Becca Brush, in my opinion)-much softer than it's competition. You can buy it at Ulta for $13(the Becca Brush is $50). 

A typical beginning to a smokey eye-Darkhorse by Urban Decay. 

I used Blackheart by Urban Decay. Also, I forgot to add my Illuminator. Orgasm by Nars.

Too Faced's Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil-A must. I'm in love. And the amazing, wonderful Hautecore Lipstick by Mac. I wish I had gotten it before it had sold out, because I would've bought five. It is so perfect! I've heard a lot of reviews saying that it was drying and it makes your lips peel. I didn't experience that at all! A lot of people said that it came on very sheer, and again, I didn't experience that. It certainly wasn't moisturizing by any means, but after wearing it for 6 hours, I didn't have any such problems!

I loved it! If you can find it anywhere, I would buy it ASAP.